Rascals Awards: Bronze

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“Capable cyclist showing skills in basic cycling techniques & beginning intermediate techniques”

Rascals in Group C are working towards their Rascal Bronze Award. Rascal Group C coaching utilises British Cycling’s Gears 1 & 2. Gears 2 coaching guide extends the Gears 1 core cycling & bike handling techniques & adds the techniques of:-

  • Gear selection
  • Climbing
  • Descending
  • Weight shift
  • Manipulating points of contact
  • Group riding

So Rascal Group C riders are skilled at the Gear 1 techniques (do them without thinking) & actively learning & applying Gears 2 techniques. Again as they participate more & apply the techniques regularly they begin to get skilful at the Gears 2 techniques applying them automatically when needed.

Skill at a technique is it’s smooth & seamless application without noticeable conscious cognitive effort - “do it without thinking every time”

 Rascal Bronze Award

Bike Handling

Understanding Weight Shift

Capable of remaining balanced & in control when moving about on the bike whilst riding a simple oval course. Standing & leaning (left, right, forward & back)

Changing Points of Contact

Capable of demonstrating balance & control when raising arms & legs one at a time whist riding around a simple oval course

Balance & Coordination

Capable of demonstrating balance & coordination during bike handling & core cycling techniques on a simple obstacle test (limbo, slalom or ride the line)

Core Cycling Techniques

Changing Gear to Aid Riding

Know & able to demonstrate changing gear to assist when moving off, setting a steady pace & anticipation of coming to a stop

Basic Climbing & Descending

Know & able to demonstrate the basic techniques to ride up & down a non technical short incline

Pedalling, Braking & Cornering

Capable of chaining the techniques together to negotiate simple corners: inside pedal up, braking complete before the turn, start pedalling after turn

Scoot Mount & Dismount

Know & capable of demonstrating the technique of scooting & mounting bicycle to move off smoothly & safely. Plus come to a safe controlled stop

Group Riding

Leading, Following & Lead Changing

Able to demonstrate an understanding of the techniques involved in leading, following & changing the lead in a single file group of 2 to 3 riders 

Riding Side By Side (2x1)

Able to demonstrate an understanding of the techniques involved when riding next to another rider whilst negotiating a simple course

Riding Within Group (up to 12 riders)

Able to demonstrate an understanding of the techniques involved when riding near to other riders (up to 12) safely on a simple course

Rider Development

Basic Bike Check & Helmet Check

Capable of a self led basic bike check (tyres, brakes & chain) & helmet check before a ride & demonstrate an understand of there importance


Participate in at least 2 British Cycling Go-Ride Race events (includes the Rascals Race events)

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