Saturday Rides

There is a regular members ride on a Saturday morning, which follows the same 37mi/60km route each week.  This ride leaves the clubhouse at 0730, and is generally one of the faster rides; consequently we do not recommend joining a Saturday ride until you’ve tried a Sunday Club Run!

Sunday Club Runs

We organise social Club Runs every Sunday morning, departing from the clubhouse at 0830 in the summer months, and 0900 in the winter.  These are a great opportunity to enjoy the scenic and undulating roads in Surrey and the surrounding counties, to meet other cyclists and enjoy some coffee, cake and conversation at one of the many excellent local cafés. As with our Club Social Nights, Club Runs are open to all and are a great way for prospective members to get a feel for the Club before joining - If you’re not a member, but you’d like to come along, please contact James Curry or Andy Milner so we know to expect you


Routes vary from week to week, with distances of anything between 30mi/45km through to 70mi/100km or more; however, on weeks where a longer ride is planned, we try to offer a shorter alternative as well.


Despite a common route and choice of café, we organise ourselves into smaller groups that will follow the route at different speeds.  This ensures we don’t create too large a group of cyclists on the road, and means we can cater to riders with varying levels of experience and fitness, 


Suggestions for future destinations are always welcome. Club members: please volunteer to lead these rides, we try to have members scheduled to lead each ride but if this does not happen then any members on the ride are expected to 'lead' or work out where to go! The planned Club Runs Calendar can be found below. We try and mix up the rides each week with different lengths and at least once a month we will have a beginners ride (as described above).

Pace Groups

In order to cater to as many people as possible, we run different paced groups on the majority of our organised club rides. each of which will have its own target speed and ethos.  If you’re new to the club, just ask and we’ll help assess which group is right for you.

Group Typical Pace Description
Very Fast



Speed will be dependent on the exact make-up of the group, but is likely to hold an average speed in excess of 20mph (32km/h) over undulating terrain, and could be faster on the flats.

Riders should have a good level of fitness and experience of group riding at speed. If you are dropped from this group, you should expect to find your own way home, since this group is unlikely to wait for you (unless agreed otherwise).




A pacy group with an emphasis on team-work to hold a higher average speed.  Suited for the stronger riders for whom these speeds are a still a sub-maximal effort - be prepared to do your turn on the front! The group generally stays together, and will regroup at junctions or at hilltops as required.

Medium Fast



A no-drop group in which the overall speed will be moderated to keep everyone together




A popular, no-drop group in which the overall speed will be moderated to keep everyone together




A steady group ride with the emphasis on the social side of cycling. The group will stay together, regrouping at junctions or at hilltops if necessary.


14mph (22km/h)

Our beginner group will run at the pace of the slowest rider, to ensure that no one is left behind, and any newcomers will be chaperoned by a club member to offer help and encouragement and ensure they don’t ride alone.

Club Run Calendar & Route Details

Please note that you will need to log in to your personal Garmin Connect account before clicking on the link for Garmin files, registration to Garmin Connect is free.


What can I expect?

Many people ask about the pace of our club rides.  Firstly, let's emphasize that club rides are social events, not training rides.  Generally the pace will be about 19mph on the road, with an overall average lower than that, as we stop to regroup at appropriate intervals.  Remember that it's much easier to ride in a group than on your own, so if you can ride at 17mph on your own, you shouldn't have any problems with 20mph in a group. There will also be different groups that leave for each ride and this will always include both a faster and slower group so don't be concerned about getting dropped or not being able to keep up.


Beginners' rides are generally slower, and we boast that no-one will be left behind, so someone in the club (I mean a club member!) will always ride with the slowest rider, providing help and encouragement.  The pace of the main group is likely to be around 16 mph.


Distances ridden vary from 70 miles at the longest to around 30 miles for some of the beginners' rides.  You can expect to be back in Guildford anywhere between 12.15 and 14.00.  Riders should carry at least one spare inner tube (preferably two), a pump and some tyre levers.  Some basic tools will help you to be self sufficient, such as allen keys, screwdriver(s) and an adjustable spanner.  There will always be someone else in the group carrying these items, but it's nice to know that you can take care of emergencies if necessary.

How do I get involved?

If  you have any questions Sunday club runs, please contact us.  Non-members are welcome to join the Sunday club runs on a trial basis.

Breeze Network Woking

Perhaps you've not ridden a bike for a while and you're looking for the easiest way to get back in the saddle? Or you fancy a fun way to get out with your friends? These rides are about building confidence for all abilities and ages in a relaxed environment.


Breeze is the biggest programme ever to get more women into riding bikes for fun. Our aim is to help thousands more women feel confident and comfortable about going on a ride.


Breeze Rides in Woking are on the 3rd Thursday of the month and follow a short circular route along quiet lanes and cycle paths wherever possible. We always keep to the pace of the slowest rider so no one feels left behind.


Please sign up on and for further information you can contact me on


Everyone's welcome – look forward to seeing you there!

Karen Smith (Breeze Champion)