Rascal Racing and Go-Ride Racing

The Charlotteville Rascals Coaching team aim to organise four Rascal Racing / Go-Ride Races per year.

  • Rascals Rabbit Run  (March / April)
  • Rascals Maillot Jaunt (June / July)
  • Rascals Rainbow Splash (September / October)
  • Rascals Reindeer Dash (December)

The actual dates are published on the Rascals Calendar

Go-Ride races are open to everyone from 6 to 16. This includes all the Woking and Guildford Rascals as well as children from other Go-Ride Clubs.


Rascal Racing / Go-Ride Races currently take place at Goldsworth Park Recreation Area, Woking. Please be aware this venue is not suitable for bicycles fitted with road tyres.

Registration on Rascal Racing / Go-Ride Race day is between 9.00 and 9.20 am. Riders arriving after 9.20am will not be able to race.


Entry Fee is £4 for everybody whether a British Cycling member or not. Plus you need to get your parents to complete a consent form which is available here

The format is typically four events:-

Individual Time Trial

Riders do a single timed lap around the perimeter mountain bike track, with the fastest three riders collecting the medals.

Skills Test

Riders negotiated their way around an obstacle course on the challenging terrain of the mountain bike inner track. The fastest and cleanest (penalty per cone hit/obstacle failed) three riders collecting the medals.

Just 4 Fun

Riders are split up and given a flavour of various classic race events: Devil; 4 Cross; Team Sprint.

Handicap Race

Riders are lined up on the start line of the perimeter mountain bike track with their grid position and start delay set from the Individual Time Trial. As they are released the faster riders have to dig deep to close the gap on those ahead. The aim is that all the riders converged on the last lap. First three riders home collect the medals.

Riders are split by the British Cycling Road Race Youth Categories. For 2022 the categories are as follows:-


  • Youth E/U8 (2014 and 2015) 
  • Youth D/U10 (2012 and 2013)
  • Youth C/U12 (2010 and 2011) 
  • Youth B/U14 (2008 and 2009) 
  • Youth A/U16 (2006 and 2007)
  • ‘RACERS’ - Youth Riders with Active Licenses / have competed in competitive events

Racing is general all completed by 12.00 at which time the presentations and awards are given out.

Remember as its racing there will always be some waiting around so please can you ensure that you have suitable clothing and plenty of layers including layers that can be easily take off/put on while waiting or racing. Plus plenty to drink and snacks to keep yourself fuelled up for the racing.


Rascal Racing / Go-Ride Races are fun sessions so please encourage your parents stay and cheer on all the riders.


Come along and have a go at Cycle Racing, we eagerly look forward to seeing you.


If you enjoy yourself at Rascals Rascal Racing / Go-Ride Races and would like to attend the regular cycle coaching sessions you need to get you parents or guardian to email rascalsnews@charlottevillerascals.org.uk Prospective riders are invited to a set of induction sessions to see if they would like to participate. Induction sessions are run after the Easter and Summer Holidays.