Welfare & Safeguarding



  1. All coaches will have a coaching qualification at Level 1 or Level 2.
  2. All coaches will hold a first aid certificate.
  3. All coaches will hold a valid and up to date DBS certificate.


  1. All riders will have provided a “rider Information” and “coaching consent”form. 
  2. Riders will be coached is groups with a minimum of 3 riders.
  3. Riders will be coached with a minimum of 2 adult coaches.
  4. Riders should stay for the duration of the session and not leave early unless by prior arrangement.
  5. Riders under 16 must be signed out and collected by a known adult.
  6. Parents are responsible for the equipment and personal clothing to be safe and adequately maintained.
  7. All riders under 14 must remain in sight of a coach or volunteer.
  8. Riders from 14-18 may be out of sight if deemed safe to do so.
  9. There will be a first aider and first aid kit at every coaching session.
  10. All sites where coaching take place will be risk assessed.
  11. Coaches should be aware of the emergency procedure of the venue, site manager or telephone access.
  12. Coaches will perform an M check to assess the suitability of the bike, helmet and clothing of a child participating and if necessary notify responsible adults if it is not safe for the child to continue. The coaches decision is final. 
  13. Coaches will record an accidents or Emergencies or injuries using the British Cycling incident report form when necessary.  


  1. Coaches will operate within recommended minimum and maximum group sizes.
  2. Photographs of children will be taken only with expressed permission of the responsible adult and used only for rascal promotion or website or event documentation purposes.
  3. Coaches will communicate openly with responsible adults regarding children’s coaching and not directly with children via mobile phones.
  4. Coaches will not engage in social media interactions with children’s  personal accounts.
  5. Coaches will not be responsible for transporting children to and from events, unless in an emergency, and even then will not transport a child alone or unsupervised whenever possible. 
  6. If any coach has any concerns regarding safeguarding of any child, including prevent strategy and FGM strategy they will report their concerns immediately. 
  7. If any person raises concerns regarding club affiliated adults they will report their concerns immediately. 


The Welfare Officer is Mrs Charlie Allison. She can be contacted on 07888728882 or callisonsend@gmail.com with regards to any safety or safeguarding concerns. Adults and children are welcome to contact her. She holds an enhanced DBS and has a professional background in safeguarding and working with vulnerable children. 


This is written with respect to but not replacing the British Cycling Guidelines for Coaching Cycling-July 2017 and British Cycling Code of Conduct