British Cycling

British Cycling is the nation's largest cycling organisation and the national governing body for cyclesport. Charlotteville are affiliated to British Cycling, with affiliation number 111760.

Cycling Time Trials (CTT)

Cycling Time Trials is the National Governing Body for time trials in England, Scotland and Wales. Charlotteville is a member of the CTT London West District, and members of Charlotteville Cycling Club are therefore permitted to enter any Open time trials in the UK,

Wessex Cyclocross League

The Wessex Cyclo-Cross League is a series of races organised by various cycling clubs within the Wessex Region. The cyclo-cross season runs from September to January and the Wessex league run 12 races, whcih are open to any cyclist irrespective of ability and age.

Road Records Association

The Road Records Association was founded in 1888 and sets the standards for timing, authentication, and ratification of road cycling records to this day.