Rascal Awards Scheme

The Rascals Groups are centred around ability, confidence & maturity. The Rascal Groups form the foundation to the Charlotteville Rascals Awards Scheme. Rascals are encouraged to progress though the awards scheme with the aim that they get the most out of their cycling both socially & competitively.


Go-Ride is the base of the British Cycling Performance Pyramid. The Rascals Award Scheme is designed to give capable committed Rascals a pathway to the next level in the British Cycling Performance Pyramid namely area cluster sessions & regional schools of racing.

[ride] - [bronze] - [silver] - [gold] - [rainbow] - [volunteer]

Rascal Group



D Ride Can cycle & perform basic cycling techniques
C Bronze Capable cyclist showing skills in basic cycling techniques & beginning intermediate techniques
B Silver Competent cyclist skilled at basic & intermediate techniques
A Gold Mature more skilled Rascals. Some of whom have competed at British Cycling youth races
A+ Rainbow For the aspiring racing Rascals
YVs Volunteer For the aspiring coaching Rascals