Rascals Awards: Gold

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Rascals Group A riders are working towards their Rascal Gold Award. Rascal Group A riders are mature more skilled riders. Some of them have competed at British Cycling youth race events or other orgaised race events. They take part at Rascals Racing & Go-Ride Events for fun as well as to inspire & encourage the developing riders.

Rascal A riders are skilled at the Gear 1, 2, 3 & 4 concepts & techniques (do them without thinking). They participate to develop their understanding & hone their skills at the various cycling techniques.

Skill at a technique is it’s smooth & seamless application without noticeable conscious cognitive effort “do it without thinking every time”

They also have the opportunity to be coached advanced techniques by discipline specific qualified coaches in:-

  • Road
  • Time Trial
  • Track
  • Mountain Bike
  • CycloX

Rascal A riders also have the potential to attend discipline specific events the club has access to.

 Rascal Gold Award

Bike Handling

Utilisation of Weight Shift

Demonstrate skilful use of weight shift techniques when cornering, climbing & descending over an undulating course

Manipulating Points of Contact

Demonstrate skilful use of manipulating points of contact techniques when cornering, climbing & descending over an undulating obstacle course

Balance & Coordination

Demonstrate skilful balance & coordination techniques when riding an undulating course

Core Cycling Techniques

Gear Selection: Anticipation, Adjustment, Cadence

Demonstrate skilful use of gears to maintain cadence &/or traction when negotiating an undulating course

Climbing & Descending

Demonstrate skilful climbing & descending techniques when negotiating a series of inclines

Pedalling, Braking & Cornering

Demonstrate skilful smooth & efficient negotiation of a simple course. Choice of line; adjustment of line; braking; acceleration; pedal position

Dynamic Mount & Dismount With Cleats

Capable of demonstrating the technique of scooting, mounting bicycle & moving off smoothly & safely with cleats. Plus able to come to a safe controlled stop

Group Riding

Leading, Following & Lead Changing

Able to smoothly demonstrate the techniques involved in riding through & off in a single file group of up to 6 riders

Riding Side By Side (2x3)

Able to demonstrate the techniques involved when riding close to other riders (2 abreast 3 long) & circulating the lead on a basic course

Riding Within Larger Group Socially & Competitively

Capable & experienced in riding within a group of riders socially (Rascal Rides) & competitively (Rascal Races, Eelmoor, Hillingdon, …) 

Rider Development

Maintenance - Change Quick Release Wheel

Capable of removing a quick release wheel (front & rear), refitting it so it is safe & ready for use

Maintenance - Puncture Repair

Capable of removing an inner tube; fitting a new inner tube; finding a puncture in an inner tube; repairing a puncture in an inner tube


Participate in at least 6 British Cycling Go-Ride Race events (includes the Rascals Race events)

Experience Beyond Go-Ride

Take part in at least 3 youth events that are not British Cycling Go-Ride or Rascals Races. For example youth races for CycloX, Road, Time Trial, Track, Cycle Speedway, BMX or Mountain Bike

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