Our History

The main predecessor to Charlotteville CC was the Guildford Cycling Club, founded in 1877 as the Guildford Bicycle Club – but later amended to allow tricycles.


Guildford Cycling Club was a prominent feature of late Victorian Guildford with between 170 and 180 members in 1898; however it appears that some were dissatisfied with the club and by 1899 Stoke Cycling Club had been formed, followed by the Guildford Wheelers in 1900 and, in 1903, Charlotteville Cycling Club was also established.


These new clubs were, by and large, short-lived: The Guildford Wheelers had gone by 1907 and the Stoke Cycling Club by 1911. Guildford Cycling Club itself had disappeared by 1913, leaving Charlotteville Cycling Club as the only surviving Guildford based club from that time.

The Charlotteville Cycling Club 1903-1953

In 1953, to celebrate the club’s Golden Jubilee, Don Field wrote a history of the club, entitled “The Charlotteville Cycling Club 1903-1953”.  Copies of this manuscript are available from the club, or you may search online ISBN 0-9546627-1-7

The Charlotteville Cycling Club: A History of the Second 50 Years

In 2003, the late Les Bowerman completed work started by the late George Hunton to create another book covering the period from 1953 – 2003.  This book is available to borrow from Guildford Library, or can be found online by searching the ISBN 0-9546627-0-9