Anti Doping - what you need to know?



Great Britain Cycling Team Coaches undertake regular off bike workshops as part of its Rider Route Programme starting with its youngest level of youth development; the Regional Schools of Racing. One such workshop is anti-doping in sport & is possibly the first time that riders’ will be introduced to the subject in competitive sport.


Riders are informed about their responsibilities as a competing athlete, the implications & impacts surrounding drug use, the risks of taking supplements & how to minimise exposure to risk. They are advised that they alone are responsible (strict liability) for any banned substance found within their body no matter how it may have got there.


Item coverage:

  • Direct & positive drug use,
  • Medical products & prescriptions, including TUEs (Therapeutic Use Exemptions),
  • Food & Health supplements including energy drinks, gels & creams,
  • Cross contamination during manufacture. 


  • The likely effects of being caught on the rider, their families, teams, clubs & support networks.
  • Expected likely punishments if found guilty of an offence, 
  • Potential longer term health effects of drug use, the loss of self-respect & reputation.

Risk Management:

  • Where to obtain further advice, 
  • What to do when you are unsure,
  • Use your support networks (coach, family, BC compliance team etc.)

Not all youth riders or racing adults, for that matter, get to experience this workshop and so this summary of information has been reproduced to assist any competing rider. If you are racing in any Open Race Event, you could be requested to supply a sample for testing before or after competition. Drug testing can occur at any time and it is important to know that ‘In Competition’ includes the period up to 12 hours before the scheduled event.


Many banned substances can be obtained in non-prescription medication that can be bought over the counter at a local chemist and so from an early age those actively racing need to vigilant and remain informed.




Below are listed sources where to obtain additional information in order to stay informed. If you are unsure, please speak to a coach in the first instance. 


The body responsible in the UK for all matters drug related is UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and contact information and further details can be found at:


UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) 

Contact information & advice produced by British Cycling can be found at:


British Cycling Compliance Team

Further information can also be found with:



  • is a search facility that assists with identifying products that may be banned or include banned substances.
  • You can search by the Country you are in (some products may have different ingredients between Countries), User type, Sport type & the place purchased. Each search records your visit and gives a reference and time & if the product you are searching for doesn’t appear then search for all the ingredients separately.


  • As with medication it is important to understand the ingredients in supplements but also understand the possibilities of cross contamination and is another search facility.
  • Periodic testing of products is conducted and you can view a list of batch numbers tested. If the batch you have matches that of the test this can minimises the risk but it is important to know that even with these safeguards contamination can still take place and the responsibility still rests with the rider.
  • Many facilities manufacturing supplements can share facilities and cross contamination is possible. As a consequence, always consider the product visibility, i.e. is it a known manufacturer, how has it been supplied etc. Be aware of risks with unknown brands or purchased from unknown sources. Many manufactures will have advice about the manufacture of their products on their website.


  • The place for all things anti-doping, helping you make the right decisions on the go. The App provides clear and concise anti-doping advice, guidance and updates to ensure you can be clean and stay clean wherever you are training or competing. Learn more about the risks with supplements or simply understand more about the testing procedures and your rights as an athlete. 
  • The 100% me Clean Sport App is available for either iOS or Android and can be downloaded for free via iTunes or Google Play.