Pace Guide

With a strong racing history, many people worry about the pace of our club rides.  Firstly, let's emphasise that club rides are social events, not training rides, and we will always do our best to accommodate anyone that wants to get involved.


Generally the medium group pace will be about 16mph (26km/h) on the road, with an overall average lower than that, as we stop to regroup at appropriate intervals.  Remember that it's much easier to ride in a group than on your own, so if you can ride at 17mph on your own, you shouldn't have any problems at a higher speed in a group. There will also be different groups that leave for each ride and this will always include both a faster and slower group so don't be concerned about getting dropped or not being able to keep up.


Beginners' rides (held at the start of each month) are generally slower, and we boast that no-one will be left behind, so someone in the club (i.e. a club member) will always ride with the slowest riders, providing help and encouragement.


Group Avg Speed Description
Very Fast 20mph+
Speed will be dependent on the exact make-up of the group, but is likely to average in excess of 20mph (32km/h), and could be faster on the flats. Riders should have a good level of fitness and experience of group riding at speed. If you are dropped, you should expect to find your own way home, since this group is unlikely to wait for you (unless agreed otherwise!).
Fast 19mph
A pacy group with an emphasis on team-work to hold a higher average speed.  Suited for the stronger riders for whom these speeds are a still a sub-maximal effort - be prepared to do your turn on the front! The group generally stays together, and will regroup at junctions or at hilltops as required.
Medium Fast 17mph
A no-drop group in which the overall speed will be moderated to keep everyone together
Medium 16mph
A popular, no-drop group in which the overall speed will be moderated to keep everyone together.
Social 15mph
A steady group ride with the emphasis on the social side of cycling. The group will stay together, regrouping at junctions or at hilltops if necessary.
Beginner 14mph
Our beginner group will run at the pace of the slowest rider, to ensure that no one is left behind, and any newcomers will be chaperoned by a club member to offer help and encouragement and ensure they don’t ride alone.