Hamptons International

Youth Criteriums

The youngest riders get the loudest cheers in what is a massive event for the local youth racing community. 


Please download the Youth Races safety advice from here.


6.15pm – Hamptons International Youth Criteriums - U8 (Youth E)

1) Abigail Hemmings (Pedal Heaven Kids) E

2) Grace Hughes (VC Venta) E

3) William Gooch (Pedal Heaven Kids) E

4) Edward Kent (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) E

5) Joseph Legge (Charlotteville CC) E

6) Callum Moore (Unattached) E

7) Stirling Strugnell (VCGH) E

8) Alfie Moore (Unattached) E

9) Alexander Hand (WyndyMilla) E

10) Albert Adams (Unattached) E

11) Harry Adshead (Redhill Raiders) E

12) Finley Hughes (Kingston Junior CC) E

13) Matteo Minelli (Unattached) E

14) Harry Plumadore (Redhill Raiders) E


6.25pm - Hamptons International Youth Criteriums - U12/U10 (Youth C & D)

1) Otto Allison (Charlotteville CC) D

2) Benjamin Hemmings (Pedal Heaven Kids) D

3) John Highet (Charlotteville CC) D

4) Arlan Hodgson (Pedal Heaven Kids) D

5) William Holland-Leader (VC Londres) D

6) Aiden Hughes (Kingston Junior CC) D

7) Alexander Morris (Charlotteville CC) D

8) Ewan Orme (Pedal Heaven Kids) D

9) Noah Potter (WyndyMilla) D

10) Theo Quay-Clark (Sprockets CC) D

11) Ben Sharkey (Charlotteville CC) D

20) Lauren Charles (Charlotteville CC) D

21) Phoebe Potter (WyndyMilla) D

22) Margherita Silano (WyndyMilla) D

23) Sophie Hand (WyndyMilla) D

30) William Flatau (Charlotteville CC) C

31) Owain Williams (Kingston Junior CC) C

32) Lucas Simpson (Pedal Heaven Kids) C

33) Stanley Kent (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) C

34) Ollie Boarer (I-Team CC) C

35) Edward Charles (Charlotteville CC) C

36) Ethan Mitchell (VCGH) C

37) Joseph Sharkey (Charlotteville CC) C

38) Tom Cockle (VCGH) C

39) Rafe Cook (Charlotteville CC) C

40) Ben Coppola (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) C

41) Benjamin Livermore (Charlotteville CC) C

42) Alexander Murphy (VC Venta) C

43) Samuel Hughes (VC Venta) C

44) Charlie Abraham (Charlotteville CC) C

45) Judah Hurr (Portsmouth North End CC) C

46) Harry Dillamore (Pedal Heaven Kids) C

60) Rose-Marie Moncrieffe (VC Londres) C

61) Victoria Minelli (Charlotteville CC) C

62) Electra Morris (Charlotteville CC) C

63) Caitlin Dinning (WyndyMilla) C

64) Astrid Spragg (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) C


6.40pm - Hamptons International Youth Criteriums - U16/U14 (Youth A & B)

1) Morgan Cook (Charlotteville CC) B

2) Daniel Cox (Charlotteville CC) B

3) Mattie Dodd (VC Londres) B

4) Taylor Evans (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) B

5) Benjamin Flatau (Charlotteville CC) B

6) Alex Franks (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) B

7) Matthew Gilmour (VC Venta) B

8) Joshua Golliker (Preston Park Youth CC) B

9) Jack Hartrey (Kingston Junior CC) B

10) Tobias Houghton (Fareham Wheelers CC) B

11) Adam Lea (Team Milton Keynes) B

12) Olivier Mangham (VC Londres) B

13) Caelan Miller (Welwyn Wheelers CC) B

14) Calum Moir (Welwyn Wheelers CC) B

15) Anthony Morris (VC Londres) B

16) Andrew Paling (VC Meudon) B

17) Oscar Pratt (Velo Club Venta) B

18) Elliot Smith (Sutton CC/ C&N Cycles) B

19) Tom Stringer (Palmer Park Velo RT) B

20) Benjamin Tuchner (VC Londres) B

30) Anoushka Minale (CC Hackney) B

31) Emily Morris (Charlotteville CC) B

32) Sophie Quay-Clark (Palmer Park Velo RT) B

33) Sarah Sharkey (Charlotteville CC) B

34) Kiki Webb (Charlotteville CC) B

35) Freya Eccleston (Palmer Park Velo RT) B

36) Sophie Hanna (Unattached) B

40) Arthur Boulton (Palmer Park Velo RT) A

41) Theo Bugg (VC Meudon) A

42) Adam Churchill (Preston Park Youth CC) A

43) Max Edgington (Solent Pirates) A

44) Rahul Fortescue Talwar (Preston Park Youth CC) A

45) Sam Freeman (Solent Pirates) A

46) Rizwan Hameed (Welwyn Wheelers CC) A

47) Matthew Hickman (I-Team CC) A

48) Thomas Knowler (Team Darenth) A

49) Euan Macleod (Willebrord Wil Vooruit) A

50) Toby McDonald (Unattached) A

51) Caelan McNamara (VC Meudon) A

52) Sam Nanopoulos (Solent Pirates) A

53) Ivan Newsome (Epsom CC) A

54) Duncan Pritchard (Palmer Park Velo RT) A

55) Jamie Pullen (Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK) A

56) Isaac Warrington (Solent Pirates) A

57) Matt Watson (Verulam - reallymoving.com) A

70) Emma Keiller (Charlotteville CC) A

71) Charlotte-Louise McGreevy (LIV AWOL) A

72) Iona Moir (Welwyn Wheelers CC) A

73) Poppy Pattinson (Solent Pirates) A

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