The Guildford Cup

Hall-marked 1904 and believed originally to have been a trophy of the former Guildford Cycling (& Motoring) Club (1877-1914), this trophy was presented to Charlotteville by John Foster in c.1920 and was initially awarded to the winner of the 2 miles Scratch Race.

From 1929 to 1999 it was awarded to the winning team in an Inter-Club 50 contested by members of Charlotteville CC, the Century RC and the Wessex RC, where the winning Club was the one with the lowest aggregate time of its four fastest riders.  In 2000 it was awarded to the winning team in an Inter-Club 30 held on the same basis, but was not awarded in 2001 or 2002.

Since 2003 the trophy has been presented to the winner of the main race at the Guildford Town Centre Races.


Past Winners

Year Recipient Club/Team
2020     -- not awarded --
2019     -- not awarded --
2018  Max Stedman  Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes
2017  Rory Townsend  Pedal Heaven RT
2016  Rory Townsend  Pedal Heaven RT
2015  Alex Paton  Pedal Heaven RT
2014  Gruffudd Lewis  Pedal Heaven - Colbournes RT
2013  George Harper  Felt - Colbournes - Hargroves RT
2012  James Moss  Node 4 - Giordana
2011  Wouter Sybrandy   Sigma Sport - Specialized RT
2010  Wouter Sybrandy  Sigma Sport - Specialized RT
2009  Warrick Spence
2008  Chris Legg
2007  Gordon McCauley  Plowman Craven - Evans Cycles RT
2006  Warrick Spence  London Dynamo
2005  Warrick Spence  London Dynamo
2004  Chris Doel  Team Quest
2003  Justin Hoy  Evans Cycles