Time Trials:

Club Evening 10 Event Information

Events & Times:

  • We are intending to run 16 evening events this year (17 if Guildford Town Centre races is not run). Dates are given below.
  • Please note the start time for each event as these do vary & sign on WILL close 5 minutes prior to first rider off – NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Is on the night & is on a first come first served basis.
  • Sign on will open 35 minutes prior to first rider off.
  • The number of riders each week is capped at 40
  • Based on the interest shown, demand is expected to be high.

Rider numbers:

  • When you sign up to ride an event you will be allocated a rider number. This is your number to keep for the entire series of events. Please do not forget to bring it each week. 
  • Your rider number has no bearing on your start time each week. At each event sign on as usual but you will need to remember your depart time & rider position as this will likely vary. 
  • It is your responsibility to be at the start ready & on time. 


  • We are operating a cashless system this year. Payment for events will be by DEBIT or CREDIT card only. Please do not forget to bring your card!

Cost: The CTT levy remains at £3 per rider for a type B event.

  • Charlotteville members £3.00
  • Other Club members £5.00
  • Guests (max 3 events) £7.00

Rules & Regs:

  • Please bring your own pen to sign on - none will be provided.
  • A rear light is mandatory.
  • Sign on will close 5 minutes before first rider off – don’t be late.
  • Please note content about feeling unwell before the event & do not attend if you do, however mild it feels. 
  • Preferably ride down to the event. Whilst use of the parking at the start is ok, space will be limited as we must leave one parking space between adjoining cars, including those used by the public. It is impossible to know how many vehicles will already be there.
  • You can use a turbo/rollers to warm up but please note their use in the guidance note.
  • Essentially the event is for RACING. Turn up & race - go home. Nothing more - sorry it is not yet a social event that we usually enjoy. Upon completion, head home or return to collect car & depart. No hanging around for race results - these will only be published on line after the event only.
  • Sign on will not be manned. You must hand wash before & after sign on. Return to vehicle or head out for a warm up. No congregating.
  • You are **NOT **able to leave personal possessions with anyone so only bring what you can carry please. Mechanical assistance **CANNOT** be offered either so please ensure you are self-sufficient to deal with any mechanicals.
  • The Start. There will be no held starts (see guidance). This applies to all otherwise race times will be unfair. We will line up as usual but with 2 metres distance between cycles. As we start in a bus stop this may be in use & so we will adapt social distance requirements to suit anyone waiting in the area. Be prepared to move or adjust if asked.
  • Minimum age to race is 12 years. Rascals can participate as normal subject to having completed a parental consent form. Riders should be accompanied by a parent or adult rider who must follow only, i.e. no pacing.

Event dates:

Wednesday April 28th at 6.45pm

Wednesday May 5th at 6.45pm

Wednesday May 12th at 7.00pm

Wednesday May 19th at 7.00pm

Wednesday May 26th at 7.00pm

Wednesday June 2nd at 7.00pm

Wednesday June 9th at 7.00pm

Wednesday June 16th at 7.00pm

Wednesday June 23rd at 7.00pm

Wednesday June 30th at 7.00pm

Wednesday July 7th at 7.00pm (Only if there is no Guildford TC Race)

Wednesday June 14th at 7.00pm

Wednesday June 21st at 7.00pm

Wednesday June 28th at 7.00pm

Wednesday August 4th at 7.00pm

Wednesday August 11th at 6.45pm

Wednesday August 18th at 6.45pm


MilerMeter recordings of some of the courses can be found here:

More detailed course descriptions can be found on the London West DC website.