Time Trials

August 2020 Club Open Time Trials


Following last week’s club-only event , we can confirm we will be running the final two events on Wednesday August 5th & Wednesday August 12th. Please note the start time for both events is amended to 1845 due to the expected volume of riders & based on the amount of interest shown.
The event is open to any rider & entry is on the day. If you are planning to ride please indicate in the comments to assist the organisers plan for the numbers. If coming by car please also indicate as space is limited.
CCC Members £3
Non Members of an affiliated CTT registered Club £5
Non Members & no affiliated CTT club** £7 (includes temp membership)**
See also the Guidance & risk assessments from CTT. If you are intending to race on Wednesday you MUST have read these before attending. Some of the content may not apply to our event as it covers some elements not applicable to us. Covered in the document but highlighted, are:
  1. Please bring your own pen to sign on - none will be provided.
  2. A rear light is mandatory.
  3. Sign on will close at 18.40 – don’t be late.
  4. Usual social distance rules apply. Keep 2 metres from others & use hand sanitiser/wipes as required at sign on.
  5. Please note content about feeling unwell before the event & do not attend if you do, however mild it feels. Competitors who are in tier 1 of PHE/NHS guidelines should not attend or assist at an event. Similarly persons recommended by Government to limit social contact should use their judgement whether to attend either to race or assist.
  6. Preferably ride down to the event. Whilst use of the parking at the start is ok, space will be limited as we must leave one parking space between adjoining cars, including those used by the public. It is impossible to know how many vehicles will already be there.
  7. You can use a turbo/rollers to warm up but please note their use in the guidance note.
  8. Essentially the event is for RACING. Turn up & race - go home. Nothing more - sorry it is not a not a social event that we usually enjoy. Upon completion, head home or return to collect car & depart. No hanging around for race results - these will only be published on line.
  9. Sign on will not be manned. You must hand wash before & after sign on. Return to vehicle or head out for a warm up. No congregating.
  10. Rascals that have raced on the Club 10 course before can participate but no novice riders please. This is because organisers will not have time to run through the event with you in advance.
  11. There will be an honesty tin at sign on. No change will be available so please have the correct change with you & place in the sealed tin. Usual fees are payable to CTT for these events.
  12. You are **NOT **able to leave personal possessions with anyone so only bring what you can carry please. Mechanical assistance **cannot **be offered either so please ensure you are self-sufficient to deal with any mechanicals.
  13. The Start. There will be no held starts (see guidance). This applies to all otherwise race times will be unfair. We will line up as usual but with 2 metres distance between cycles. As we start in a bus stop this may be in use & so we will adapt social distance requirements to suit anyone waiting in the area. Be prepared to move or adjust if asked.
  14. Tandems - we don't get many but unless you are from the same household or bubble, tandems are currently prohibited.
It will be difficult enough to run the event on the night with many things to note down for organisers so please be sensible & comply with any instruction given.


MilerMeter recordings of some of the courses can be found here:

More detailed course descriptions can be found on the London West DC website.